Sunday, May 14, 2017



a whimsical tale

D. R. Khashaba

In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve lived happily.

Until Eve came holding in her palm a roundish object that looked appealing and appetizing.

She stretched out her hand to Adam.

He looked questioningly.

“Apple”, she said.

“Apple?”, he repeated.

There was another question in his eyes.

“Apple tree”, she said.

“Tree?”, he repeated.

The chief god overheard them.

“O hell!”, he exclaimed. “They have invented language. Next they will invent thought and become like one of us. I will drive them out of Eden; let them eat their bread with the sweat of their brow. That will keep them from thinking and becoming equal to us.”

Ever since humans have been torn between the demands of bread and the demands of thought.

D. R. Khashaba

May 14. 2017

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