Thursday, December 29, 2016



D. R. Khashaba

Biologists will find everything human rooted in evolution. We owe everything to evolution: our inclinations, our desires, our emotions, our likes and dislikes, our mental attitudes, our moral values, down to our basic metaphysical notions.

All right. Evolution fashioned us. But what is evolution? It is not an external force, a foreign agency, a something working on us from the outside. Evolution is the process of us becoming what we have become. We have become what we have become by virtue of the creative principle – better said, the creativity – inherent in us as in all reality. Everything in us is a gift of nature but that nature is our nature,

Scientists are in error not in what they affirm but in what they imply. The creation myth of the monotheistic religions dehumanized us by making us the product of a transcendent deity. Empirical scientists are dehumanizing us by making us the product of objective ‘natural’ (physical, chemical, biological) forces.

In more than one sense, and on more than one level, human beings are makers of themselves. On the conceptual plane ideas, ideals, and values created by the human mind constitute the life proper to human beings. On the highest plane, spontaneous thought and spontaneous deeds constitute the domain of freedom. The creations of genius in poetry, music, art, philosophy, constitute the spiritual heritage of humanity.

D. R. Khashaba

December 29, 2016

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