Sunday, July 31, 2016


I have now completed the project that had been nagging in my brain for a long time. All my books are now freely available on my Wordpress site, including my latest: CREATIVE ETERNITY: A METAPHYSICAL MYTH.

I invite you to download and read this book. I excerpt the following lines from the preface:

“This book has a message, a life message. … philosophy proper is primarily concerned with the meaning and value of life. Hence the book, beginning with a critique of metaphysics, ends with a dire warning of the impending doom of the human race.

“We have to revolutionize our understanding of philosophy, of metaphysics and of metaphysical reality; we need a more far-reaching revolution than Kant’s Copernican revolution. I audaciously claim that I bear the banner of that revolution.

“… I make bold to boast: this is philosophy in the grand manner; this is the most significant metaphysical work in more than a century. …”

Link to Creative Eternity:

Or go to the site: – click on “My Site” (top left hand corner) – select “Pages” from the left-hand column – you will get a list of all the available PDFs. I have yet to learn how to make hyperlinks.

D. R. Khashaba

July 31, 2016


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