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Earlier, I used tocompoae my postings as Word documents then put them onto my blog simply by Copy and Paste, Then for a long time that did not work. I could not make any postings until one day I clicked on the HTML tab. I posted a few items. But when I posted a long essay that I had been working on for months, it came out with all sections and paragraphs run together. I tried several tricks. I divided the essay into eight parts which I posted properly on the ArabWorldBooks Facebook page. I thought that woulod work here, but NO! Even when I resorted to editing the postings manually, still they appeared on my blog page in the run together condition. I tried deleting the HTML line on top of the blog box but then again I coud not make any posting. I am composing this directly on the blog box with the HTML on. But I do not want to use my blog for casual postings, but mainly to post philosophical essays that I prepare for long periods of time as Word documents. WHAT AM I TO DO. Thanks to valuable help from a friend, I have succeded in podting a satisfactory version of my Whitehead essay. But I am still facing difficulties with postings,


Blogger tim candler said...

I read your Whitehead's Real World on Let Us Philosophize on the 20th October. It was very readable, and I really enjoyed it.

I do get your blogger feed. And the other day I was sent a whole series of feeds on Whitehead, which I was going to return to. But they up and left the ether, where I think there must be some confusion, because now I seem unable to find "Help!!!"
So I am afraid, given my own confusion, I can't find your question about word.
However I have found that Cut and paste is best done in 'normal' otherwise I at least get all sorts of cranky behaviors. Quite certain Socrates never had these problems.

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