Thursday, April 23, 2009

Language, Creativity, and Freewill

Comment on “Literary lessons” by Christopher Norris:

Here is a much needed approach both to language and to the philosophic endeavour. We have to acknowledge the essential fluidity of language if we are to overcome the inescapable contradictoriness of all determinate thought (the undiscovered secret of Plato’s Parmenides). In what I call my version of Platonism I insist that philosophic insight can only be conveyed in myth, metaphor and paradox.
The thought that “modes of utterance” that “surpass the limits of received or communal usage … throw a sharply revealing light on the issue of freewill versus determinism” appeals to me in a special way. I have often cited poetic creativity as exemplifying a metaphysical principle of creativity strangely neglected by most philosophers, a principle in which I find the solution to the pseudo-problem of “freewill versus determinism”.


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