Saturday, January 14, 2006

About me, my Blog

D R Khashaba

Welcome to my Blog.
I am a non-academic, non-professional, independent philosopher, but, I promise you, my work is NOT amateurish.
Perhaps the simplest way to characterize my philosophy is to say that I offer an original version of Platonism, or, to adapt A. N. Whitehead's famous dictum, I may say that my work is an extended footnote to Plato.

In 1998 I published Let Us Philosophize.
In 2001 I started my website where you can freely download the full text of Let Us Philosophize (1998) and of several articles, most of which appeared in The Examined Life Online Journal and Philosophy Pathways.
Lately I have published Plato: An Interpretation (2005):
An abridged version of the introduction has appeared in Philosophy Pathways:
My latest book, a fictional Socrates' Prison Journal, is in process of publication.

I intend to give here:
A: Essays and articles published in various electronic journals, beginning with recent ones that have not yet been added to my Back-to-Socrates website.
B: Notes and comments that I habitually write when reading.
C: Excerpts and quotations culled from my readings which I would like you to share with me.
D: I nay include some free-verse pieces I used to write in Arabic.

I hope you will find it worthwhile to visit my blog from time to time.


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